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Past President
James Van De Hey

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Our association started in 1986 as SCANA and then SCAFRA and evolved into SFA. The association, with over 50 years of experience, has helped Shrine Temples and clubs and units with new fundraising ideas as well as encouraging change to fundraisers that are part of Shrine tradition. Our officers and past presidents travel throughout the United States by attending the various associations as well as Imperial. As a member of SFA, your membership will be able to attend a yearly seminar. While attending the seminar you will be able network with other SFA members, learn about new fundraisers and listen to guest speakers. Our Ladies are invited to attend the seminar.

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2024 Education Seminar

  • Network with fellow Shriners and Guests
  • Speak with advertising and marketing consultants
  • Learn new fundraisers
  • Meet fundraising vendors and circus promoters
  • Take back ideas to your Shrine Temple, Clubs and Unit

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